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Case Studies

A smiling woman with donated chargers

Stories from recipients, organisations and supporters about the impact of our work.

Carer's Hub Lambeth

Community TechAid has helped remove barriers to education that some of our young adult carers face, allowing them to pursue their academic studies.

CTA provided a laptop for one of our young adult carers to use in their academic studies. This laptop has allowed them to continue their studies, which was only possible due to TechAid sourcing the right equipment for their course.

Without the equipment provided by Techaid, the young adult carer would not have been able to continue their studies, thank you so much for your support!

Groundwork London

A large amount of our work focuses on building relationships through community engagement, and these devices have made a huge difference to our participants, helping them to feel connected.

They are now able to attend online language classes and stay in touch with us, it really has been a lifeline.

Henry Fawcett Primary School

This is an incredible service and a lifeline for many. Now our children can access and complete their home learning and use their device to stay connected with family overseas. Parents can access school communication, bills, housing support, amongst other vital services.

We really value having Community TechAid as a local partner.

Brixton Library

People visit the library for a huge variety of reasons but we are increasingly finding ourselves as the place people come to for support with filling out housing forms, doing UC applications and we often find people come to us in a crisis such as finding themselves homeless, nearly homeless or awaiting decisions on benefits.

Community TechAid has come to our rescue on several occasions in providing a phone for people we are supporting. They are always amazing and do everything they can to help and it’s made such a difference for us.

Stories from our Funders and Partners

SG Digital

At SG Digital we have old IT assets that cannot be used anymore due to aging, even though all is in good shape! Instead of disposing, we thought it would be a great opportunity to donate them to Community TechAid to support charities, schools and non-profit organisations who would benefit from them more-so, whilst actively helping children and families who don’t have the funds to buy and use such equipment, especially in this period of studying and working from home.

We strongly believe this is a good initiative as it improves our employee engagement and keeps within our company values. Being able to make a real difference to those in need and giving back to the community is highly rewarding and we are grateful that we are in a position to do so.

Walcot Foundation

We are proud to be supported by Walcot Foundation, whose funding has supported our core work and enabled us to support even more of our local community.

"Community TechAid has been a fantastic local Lambeth response to the ongoing issue of digital exclusion. At Walcot Foundation, we're really pleased to support them as they have developed from a volunteer emergency Covid-19 response into a sustainable local charity with long-term plans to tackle Lambeth digital exclusion through providing low-cost/free digital equipment, training and partnership working"

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