Lunch & Learn


Our Lunch & Learn sessions provide your organisation with an opportunity to raise awareness of the digital divide, the impact e-waste is having  on our planet and what you can do to help. 

Our Sessions


The Digital Divide 

In this 1 hour session we will focus on what we mean by the digital divide and why the fight for digital inclusion and access for all is important. This can be in person or online. 


Cost: £300 (max 15 people) 



In this 1 hour session we will look at what E-waste is and why is it important to talk about. We will share tips and tricks on how you can make a difference and how you can contribute to your community's circular economy in a positive way. This can be in person or online.

Cost: £300 (max 15 people) 


The Digital Divide and E-waste 

Wanting to learn about both the Digital Divide and E-waste? Book our 2 hour Lunch & Learn session that also involves taking apart a laptop to learn about exactly what is inside. This session works best in person but we can do this online without the practical element. 

Cost: £500 (max 15 people)