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Accessing banking services without a fixed home address - Shelter

Not having a home can present real challenges when opening a bank account, but without a bank account it can be hard to receive income and make payments, leaving people stuck in a vicious circle. A standard bank account would allow a client to:

  • Have wages, benefits, State pensions or tax credit paid directly into their account

  • Pay in cheques for free

  • Take out money at cash machines with a cash card

  • Withdraw money at a Post Office

  • Pay bills by Direct Debit

  • Make card payments

The journey out of homelessness can be tough, but working with our local Shelter services can help people get the support and knowledge they need to transform their lives. Shelter’s advice offers guidance on:

  • What is needed to open a bank account

  • Where to open a bank account

  • What to expect from the bank

  • How to get help to open a bank account

Display it in a public area where those looking for banking advice will see it. You can also forward this on to other advice agencies.

Shelter exists to defend the right to a safe home and fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society.


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