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Bridging the digital divide with local schools!

Priya Hira (Sustainability Lead) and Emma Bailey (Head of Geography) from JAGS

We're delighted to partner with JAGS and Alleyn's schools to collect technology during their Eco Week activities. Thanks to students and parents we collected over 75kg of technology that may otherwise have ended up as e-waste, equivalent to over 15 bowling balls! This technology will go on to help members of our south London community online, helping to reduce isolation and improve opportunities.

Priya Hira, JAGS sustainability lead said, "“Our students, staff and parents have proved time and again that they are committed to sustainability – raising so much equipment in just one week is simply incredible and we are grateful to all those who contributed as part of our annual Eco Week activities.”

A huge thank you to Priya and Christopher, and everyone at JAGS and Alleyn's for their support of our work! You can read more about the project here.

If you're interested in running a donation drive, or have tech you would like to donate please get in touch.

Priya Hira and Justin Hughes


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