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ClearCommunityWeb - Mobile Phone Boot Camp - 15 December 2022

ClearCommunityWeb have a new event to share to local residents and networks!

Mobile Phone Boot Camp is coming to the Myatt’s Field North Centre!

Date and time: Thursday 15th December 2022 14:00 – 16:00 Location: Myatts Field North Centre, 24 Crawshay Road, London, SW9 6FZ Our Mobile Phone Boot Camps are a fun, informal way of learning useful and practical things with your mobile phone in small groups.

  • Do you know someone new to using a smart phone?

  • Were you given one over lock down or for Christmas and haven’t got to grips with it yet?

  • Do you find that people go too fast when they are trying to show you something?

We have developed a fun format where you can all learn something new, share experiences and meet friends. Best of all, you can start to feel confident with something that feels complicated and feel good about yourselves! Over a typical session you may get to try two or three activities and share what you have learned over a cup of tea. Practice is the key to learning and we make this fun! Boot Camps are free to attend, you don’t need to book and we have refreshments! Fun is likely, but not guaranteed! This is being run in partnership with Myatts Field Pantry and the Healthy Living Platform More info here:


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