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Community Connectivity Workshops!

How do you feel about the internet? Would you like to pay less? Is your connection slow? We are excited to be working with Promising Trouble and Impact on Urban Health to deliver a project focused on providing free or low cost internet to the community in Walworth North, in Southwark.

Earlier this year it was reported that over 1 million people disconnectd their broadband, unable to keep up with rising costs. Connectivity is a barrier for many in our community, from poor connection to expensive contracts. We want to hear from our local community about the challenges they face and how lack of affordable interent exacerbates digital poverty.

We will be running drop-in sessions in 2 weeks, to learn more about people's experiences with connectivity and any barriers they face. We would love to hear from anyone located in or near the area!

Join us on the following dates for tea and cake and an opportunity to learn more about the project:

Tuesday 7th November

2pm- 4pm

Thursday 9th November


Saturday 11th November


To book a session click here, or get in touch with Steve to find out more.


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