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Community TechAid Partnership with Klyk

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Klyk!

Much like us, Klyk is part of the circular economy. They offer high quality refurbished technology and sustainable IT solutions to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and help educate companies on the importance of this. They are a certified B-Corporation and are passionate about working with the community to help close the digital divide, ensuring everyone has access to the technology they need to live in this modern world.

As Asad Hamir, Co-founder at Klyk, said:

“The pandemic brought the digital divide into sharp focus, and despite it now falling down the news agenda, the problem has not gone away. Coming from an ethnic minority background, this problem is close to my heart and one I want Klyk to impact.

I’ve been inspired by the incredible work Community TechAid does and the tangible impact it has on people’s lives.

The fact that we share the same goal of reducing e-waste makes this the perfect partnership. Our focus will be on educating and engaging our customers about the Digital Divide, e-waste, and the impact we can have by simply donating the tech we no longer need.”

With the cost of living crisis and a very uncertain winter ahead, the need for smartphones in our community is more desperate than ever. Without a working device, it is almost impossible to access banking and healthcare services, housing and benefits platforms, look for jobs or even be able to contact loved ones. A smartphone is no longer a luxury, it is a lifeline.

Over the next few months of our partnership, Klyk's goal is to provide our community with 180 refurbished smartphones.

This will be an incredible opportunity to help members of our community not only engage with the online world, but ensure they can access the vital services they need now more than ever.

If you or your business have any unused devices or can donate much needed funds, please get in touch via and they will arrange a collection!


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