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Digital Foundations - Clear Community Web & MCS

Digital Foundations - A new computer course for residents with physical disabilities

We have some exciting news from ClearCommunityWeb and Millennium Community Solutions.

Digital Foundations - A 6-week course at the Akerman Health Centre, Patmos Road starting 16th September, and again from mid-October

Digital Foundations is part of our Disability and Technology Advice (D.A.T.A) programme in partnership with Millennium Community Solutions and supports people with a disability to set their computer up in an appropriate way for them and use key features to build the steps to being more independent.

This course helps learners build the foundations to set up and use their computer independently with appropriate software.

This course is for people with a physical disability or visual impairment and have a computer with Windows 10 or 11.

Each week we cover a different topic, through practical activities, discussions and demonstrations learners will get to grips with using different online tools in a fun and friendly environment.

Our hands-on approach gives an opportunity to try, make mistakes and learn as a group to build confidence.

Each learner will be required to attend a pre-course assessment prior to the course starting to understand individual needs, assess suitability for the course and current device.

What we cover:

Using a mouse or trackpad

Learn the basics of using a mouse or trackpad or improve your accuracy through activities.

Using screen readers

Narrator and NVDA provide audio feedback to navigate windows and dialogue boxes.

Using tools

Use built in or free tools to develop your own learning notes for ongoing progression and to access the internet for further information.

Setting up the basics

Using the Settings and other free tools to ensure the computer is set up in an appropriate way for you.

Using the keyboard

Learn the basics of typing and other input methods using software such as Type Faster.

Putting it all into practice

Each learner will be supported to create a personal action plan providing next steps and personal goals to progress after the course.

This course is designed to cover topics which can then be explored more deeply by learners at home or within our drop-ins. The exact content may vary depending on the needs of the group.

Additional Support:

Learners will be able to attend other D.A.T.A activities to extend their knowledge and practice.

D.A.T.A Weekly Drop -Ins

We run weekly drop-ins at the Akerman Health Centre (Wednesday 10-1) where you can practice get further support and test your learning

Personal Action Plan

Each learner will be supported to create a personal action plan providing next steps and personal goals to progress after the course.


Learners will have the building blocks to practice and develop at home or attend our regular drop-ins for peer support and a learning environment.

For further information:

Phone, WhatsApp or Text: 07523 646 277


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