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Food, showers, advice service, dental support - Ace of Club

Ace of Clubs is a family-like community providing transformative support for homeless, vulnerable and otherwise marginalised people in our area.

At their centre on St Alphonsus Road, they provide for the immediate needs of those in desperate circumstances with safety, food, warmth, clothing, laundry and showers.

From this welcoming start, and through friendly and genuine care, they seek to build relationships with people. The team at Ace of Clubs is skilled and focused on linking people in with a wide range of services, including accommodation, welfare, rehab, training, healthcare and many others.

Ace of Clubs is a place where those who are alone can find acceptance, a sense of belonging and renewed purpose to see their lives restored.

What’s on offer at Ace of Clubs

  • Food

  • Friendship

  • Clothing

  • Laundry

  • Accommodation Advice

  • Welfare Advice

  • Healthcare

  • Volunteering

Opening hours

Office Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 09:30am – 16:30pm

Takeaway and Dine-In Lunch Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 12:00pm – 14:30pm

Phone: 020 7720 2811 / 020 7720 0178



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