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Get Creative with Canva - ClearCommunityWeb

Do you have a project, work with a community group or want to start your own business? Learning to use Canva can help you look the part with your social media, flyers and website graphics!

This 6-week course designed to go through the basics of planning a project, using Canva templates, editing your own photos and sharing designs with other people. You will work on your own project, and be invited to present your work to the group, giving you an opportunity to share and learn from each other. By the end of the course, you will have a completed project plan and design on Canva.

Each week we cover a different topic, through demonstrations, discussions and practical activities you will learn how to use free online tools in a friendly and fun environment.

This course is for people wanting to start their own community project, business or learn something new, but are unsure on how to get started or have run into challenges in the past.

Get Creative with Canva helps you to develop both your creative and digital skills.

Project Planning Introduction to the course, get set up with what you need and start planning your project.

Managing Content Learn how to upload images to Canva, create folders and start your own media library.

Sharing Designs Introduction to collaborating with a team on Canva, downloading designs and sharing with others.

Using Canva Overview of how to navigate Canva, edit templates and build your own project toolkit.

Editing Photos Guidance on how to take better photos, best practices and editing images to meet requirements.

Presenting your Project Share your project with the group, receive feedback and start thinking about your next steps.

Induction & Assessment: There will be an induction at the start of the course to ensure you have all that you need, are fully briefed on the course and provided with resources to start planning your project.

Additional Support: Group Tutorials You will be invited to attend group tutorials on Zoom to catch up, ask questions and receive feedback on your project.

Digital Drop-Ins We run weekly drop-in sessions at different venues across South London.

Next Steps

If you have any questions about this course or would like to register then please contact us using the form here or call us on 07523 646 277.


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