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Supporting our Community Online with SportPursuit

What started as an office move for SportPursuit, from one office in our Workspace building to another, has turned into our latest device partnership!

When we speak to businesses, there is often a sense that they feel disconnected from what happens to their unwanted or decommission laptops. Usually they have an WEEE waste disposal company come and collect them and that is the end of the journey. However, we know that these laptops often have much more life left in them, and businesses are starting to engage with this end-of-life process for the better, whether this is felt as a community impact, environmental or both.

As Sam Collins explains, this was similar for SportPursuit:

“We weren't really aware that it was an option. The removal company was going to take a lot but I don't think they had a specific disposal technique. We're trying to be very hot on our CSR and recycling so something like your Charity is a fantastic idea. I know we have spent lots of money previously e-recycling individual laptops - and had to deliver it to them - which made it very difficult to do so. I think the financial benefit is quite attractive but also the fact that you can explain exactly where the machines and rest of the e-waste goes to which is really great. If they can be reused that's always much better than it being thrown away.”

SportPursuit finds online deals available on a wide range of sports and outdoor brands so they truly understand the benefits of being online. They are always working towards making changes to take action against climate change as well as reducing waste and making a positive impact in our south London community.

With over 100 laptops already donated (and a mini fridge for our office!) we are really looking forward to what this partnership will bring. Not just for the people in our community but the positive impact it will have on our environment.

“We've been thrilled to work with Community TechAid to find a home for devices and equipment that was no longer in use at SportPursuit. Community TechAid helps us reduce unnecessary e-waste by extending the lifetime of these devices and makes a life-changing difference to people in nearby communities who can benefit from access to technology.” - The SportPursuit Team


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