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Ivan Beckley


Ivan Beckley is a medical doctor and entrepreneur enabling digital transformation to create a more equitable healthcare system. He also holds a BSc in Global health and an MSc in Health data science

Today, Ivan is an NHS clinical entrepreneur as CEO and co-founder of Suvera, a healthcare company enabling virtual care for people with long-term conditions alongside primary care. While at medical school Ivan worked with a number of leading health technology companies most notably Google’s DeepMind, working on AI healthcare algorithms for early detection of retinal disease.

Ivan was awarded one of the top 10 black students in the UK by Rare recruitment and No.3 on the list of Top 100 African and Caribbean graduates and undergraduates by Powerful Media, both in 2025. In 2021, Ivan hosted and co-produced an Audible podcast uncovering bias in medicine which was rated one of the top 20 podcasts for the year by the Guardian.

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