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Who Benefits

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We work many organisations ranging from schools, refugee groups, food banks and shelters to mental health support services and young carers.

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of our recipients report that their device has had a significantly positive impact on their lives. Resulting in:


of the local communities and organisations that we work believe that our services have significantly improved their client's wellbeing

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Before he did not engage in any activity. His only contact was with his carer when changing clothes, bringing meals. My client expressed to me how he always felt a power imbalance of his carer doing things for him. When the phone arrived, my client knew how to use the technology whilst his carer did not.


Not only did it give my client renewed access to the outside world, it led to him teaching IT skills to his carer. This has helped address these more challenging dynamics.

- Improving Health Limited

Who We Support

We are proud to support a wide range of organisations across south London. To learn more about how our work creates impact take a look at our Theory of Change.

Click here to see a full list of the organisations we support. 

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