Lambeth TechAid


Lambeth TechAid is helping to bridge the digital divide by supplying technology to members of our community.


We collect devices such as laptops and phones that people no longer need, ensure they are in good working order, and deliver them to people in need, identified through local schools, refugee and other community organisations.


We Need Devices!

Do you have a laptop you no longer need? A tablet sitting at the bottom of your cupboard? Or a smartphone gathering dust?

Help us fundraise!

Want to support but don't have a device? Help us continue our work by donating to our fundraiser. 

Receiving a laptop has made such a difference to my life!


It’s made such a difference to the loneliness and boredom – especially in lockdown, but in everyday life as well.

She was so happy yesterday, the tablet will really give her the opportunity to go back to college or get a job, you really transformed her life with that gift

Thanks very much! I am learning so much English attending the class and can do other activities to improve my english and my skills.  I was dreaming of having a tablet.

Find out more about volunteering with Lambeth TechAid

Alternatively call us on 020 3488 7742 

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Community TechAid (also known as Lambeth TechAid) is a registered charity in England and Wales No. 1193210