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A smiling woman in her living room with her newly donated laptop

Our Vision, Mission & Values

We are a grassroots charity whose vision is to end the digital divide.

Our mission is to enable sustainable access to technology and skills needed to ensure digital inclusion for all.

What do we mean by the digital divide?

The digital divide is the gap between those who can make full use of all the digital and online world has to offer whenever and wherever they choose, and those who do not.


Digital inclusion is not just about access to a device or an internet connection, it is having the skills, equipment and space to fully engage and benefit from the online world.

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Our Pledge to the Planet


From the start we have pledged to refurbish or recycle 100% of donations that we receive.

We strongly believe in the right to repair and empower our communities to recycle their e-waste reducing its impact on the environment.

Our Values

Our values define the type of organisation we want to be and guide our actions. We know that how we deliver our work is just as important as why, and we are committed to acting responsibly and according to our values.


At Community TechAid we are:



We believe in equity rather than equality. We recognise that everyone has different circumstances and needs, and we set out to provide the means to achieve equal outcomes.



Environmental sustainability is central to everything we do. We strive to reuse and recycle as much as possible, and to use sustainably sourced materials wherever we can.



We approach others through active engagement, and with kindness. We are open in our practices and transparent about our work.



We value collective decision-making and collaborative working practices. All of the communities we engage with help to shape and influence the way we work.



We are ambitious, always looking ahead to see how we can improve and grow our impact within the community

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