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Soha Adams


Soha is a chartered accountant with more than 20 years of experience working for consumer goods companies. Whilst living outside the UK, Soha had the opportunity to get involved in charitable activities which supported local communities. Once back, she wanted to join a charity organisation to offer her skills and more importantly, to learn about how charities were supporting their beneficiaries and their communities. Soha decided to join CTA as throughout her working life, she was always interested in IT and she has seen how her children used technology as an important tool for their learning at school every day. Furthermore, CTA’s efforts in order to reduce digital waste by recycling and reusing devices was also a key factor for her.
Soha believes that the digital gap has been an issue for many years, but it became a real problem during the pandemic for many people. Also, more and more organisations from councils to healthcare providers, from banks to utility companies are directing people to use their website for various activities.

Having access to the internet and a reliable device is no longer a luxury for a few in society but a necessity for all: for school children to complete their homework to adults reporting issues to councils or booking GP appointments. Closing the gap will help to reduce the barriers to employment and social exclusion for low income, older or other disadvantaged members of the society.

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